Stoney Point is a park of sandstone boulders on the far west side of Los Angeles County with a rich history within the climbing community. BOULDER1, a local climbing collective, preserves the spirit of the sport's early days as it emerged in the 1960s. The brand's identity juxtaposes this natural environment with the grid-based approach of Dutch designer Wim Crouwel, whose work rose to prominence in the same era. The identity system is scalable across various applications and culminates in an environmental projection where grid and nature intersect. The challenge of this project was to remain true to both sources of inspiration while engaging with a thrill-seeking community of punks and mavericks.
As an extension of the grid-based approach, a custom display font was developed—reminiscent of both the abstracted boulder logo and some of Wim Crouwel's type designs.
The spatial projection explored the juxtaposition of nature and the grid in a literal sense as the shuffling grid met the surface of Boulder 1—the name of this central boulder in the park.

The Sip and Send event welcomed climbers of all ages and experience levels to enjoy complimentary coffee, drinks, and good times with other locals.

The projected animation was coded in Processing and copies a section of the grid and pastes it in a random location—slowly disorganizing it.
The poster series was generated randomly in code—each being different from the next—and would be available at events along with merchandise.