The philosophical and seemingly prophetic work of Ray Bradbury is often disregarded because of its categorization as science fiction. However, inspired by his skepticism regarding the new technologies of his day, his work can better be understood as "speculative fiction" since it examines the potential impact of these inventions on society. In 2022, one might consider artificial intelligence (AI) as the modern equivalent to the atomic bomb or television. This begs the question, how might AI itself interpret Bradbury’s commentary on the new and perhaps dangerous technology of his time?
The book's narrative follows the historic context of Bradbury's work and the Cold War's impact on society at large. The following curation of various articles is juxtaposed with his short stories and AI visualizations of those stories.
Assets for the overall identity pull inspiration from the aesthetics of this era in history. The custom display typeface is my retro-futuristic interpretation of mid-century typography. With the same attitude, the AI-generated interpretations of Bradbury's stories pull from the style of concept artist Syd Mead.
The overall proposed book series, titled Fiction + Foresight, examines Post-War science fiction as a whole. Bradbury is the first release from this hypothetical series.