The POWPOWWOW is a three-day film festival showcasing numerous snowboarding films. Through careful curation of footage, it celebrates the history and spirit of the sport. In order for the event to appeal to real snowboarders, its identity system needed to be crafted with authenticity. I looked to the D.I.Y. roots of the sport as inspiration for the visual material featuring a custom display typeface and a custom-coded bitmapping tool for image generation. The pinnacle of the identity was a zine series designed completely in code using a language called basil.js. The project challenged me as I sought to explore generative design and fine-tune my cultural awareness.
how's my riding?
call 1-800-you-good
Inspired by zines from the early days of the skate and snowboarding scenes, the POW generative zine series designed completely in code randomizes elements throughout each copy—making each different from the next.
Since the custom typeface is based on a square with rounded corners, the bitmapped images utilize the same shape, just at a smaller scale. Additionally, the repetition of squares that naturally happens when the typeface is used is referenced in the gridded and repetitive layout of other elements.
The spatial projection acts as a continuously-playing title wall. Designed completely in Processing, it pulls live weather data from Telluride, CO and displays the information. Additionally, the live windspeed influences the rate at which the bits in the images scale up and down. The higher the windspeed, the faster they scale—making them look as if blown by the wind.